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How much does polished concrete cost?

Greg Demmert, with Demmert & Assoc. in Los Angeles, installs polished concrete along the West Coast in both residential and commercial locations. For a fairly smooth floor, that requires only a few levels of grinding, Demmert says $3 sq. ft. is the basic cost for a polished concrete floor. If the floor requires more in-depth grinding or includes coloring with stains and dyes, then he says the price ranges between $3-$8 sq. ft.

In the Denver area, Senior Technical Manager John Buteyn with Colorado Hardscapes ballparks the cost for polished concrete between $3-$7 sq. ft. “This includes staining or scoring for a commercial floor,” he explains. For Colorado Hardscapes, smaller residential floors tend to be a bit higher in price because of the requirement for smaller equipment and for getting into smaller spaces. “It’s more difficult to get a consistent look using a smaller machine,” he explains about residential floors, “so the typical cost range is $6-$12 sq. ft.”

Each area of the country, along with each contractor is likely to offer different price points for the various levels and designs for polished concrete. To get a quote for your area, contact a local polishing contractor.

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